Trump is a Liar

Trump’s admission that he did not record or tape his conversations with FBI Director Comey once again confirms the magnitude of his propensity to lie like a rug. Most normal people are embarrassed to be caught in a lie. For Trump, lying is a natural way of life because in his world the working class is not too bright and will overlook this character flaw. Except for the press, have you heard any criticism or dismay from his supporters for any of his lies? The usual response from his coterie of advisors is that the press misinterpreted his intentions. How can you misinterpret a guy who can’t complete a two sentence coherent paragraph? He really believes, as he said in the campaign, that he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and get away with it so what’s a few lies now and then.
Despite Trump’s criticism of the press, the press has been much too lenient in reporting his lies. To their credit, they reported that Trump’s comments were “untrue” or a strategy to keep Comey honest. That’s a bit of a stretch obscuring the real intent of intimidation. The headlines could have read “Trump is a Liar” but for the fact that most editors have more integrity in their little finger than Trump has in his whole body.
There comes a time when you have to fight fire with fire. Firefighters do it all the time to combat forest fires by starting backfires to control the spread of fire. At some point the national press should give this avenue of approach some consideration. It shouldn’t be a one way street for Trump.